What are the benefits of rubber stable mats?

Great Insulation for your stable  

Our stables mats are made from the best quality Indian rubber which is why they provide great insulation for your stable, especially during those cold and wet winter months. Why not add Eva mats to your stable walls for extra insulation.

Protection for you and your horse

When you lay rubber mats in your stable it’s like a layer of protection for your horse. It helps reduce all the cuts and scrapes that can occur from a rough concrete floor resulting in a happier horse and less vet bills.

Save you money! 

Yes, it’s true, rubber stable mats will save you money in the long run!!! You can expect to cut your bedding cost down by a third. With our rubber mats being made from the highest-grade rubber you can expect them to last on average 15 years plus, Now that’s a lot of bedding saved!!!

Save you time!

Who doesn’t need more time right? With less bedding obviously comes less mucking out. You will also find rubber mats are a lot easier to sweep than a rough damp concrete floor and once bonded and sealed they won’t ever need lifted.

Creates a Safer & hygienic environment.    

Rubber mats provide a much safer environment for you and your horse. Our mats are carefully designed with a textured or bobble top finish for added grip to help reduce those unnecessary slips and trips.

We use our specially formulated adhesives and sealants to create a hygienic, Bio Secure environment for you horse.

Happier & Healthier Horse

We have been supplying rubber to the equestrian world for over 30 years and it has been proven, horses prefer the comfort of a rubber mat. The extra protection and comfort from the mats help reduce leg fatigue and aching joints resulting in a much happier and healthier horse.


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